Friday, June 2, 2017

Spring Update 2017

Our church family is still doing well and our children's Sunday School class has a steady stream of kids attending church on a regular basis. Our teachers are doing a great job teaching them the Word of God. Each Sunday, the class stands in front of the church while the teacher reviews the lesson with them and they recite the day's Scripture memory verse. We enjoy hearing them review Bible stories that Rebecca and I grew up learning. It's a blessing to see the older girls putting effort into the class as well as helping the little ones. 

At the end of April, we celebrated "Kid's Day", a national holiday in Mexico.
Mrs. Chavez had a creative lesson planned, games with prizes, and songs. We all enjoyed eating tostadas afterwards. 

In the adult class,  our studies have gone in an interesting direction. Hebrews 7:4a, "Now consider how great his man was"..We have been studying through Genesis and also through Joshua after we finished the life of Moses. Genesis is the beginning of all dealings of God and man and it is the foundation of much doctrine. Joshua teaches us that it is God's plan that will continue even when God puts another in charge of His people. The timing of this is based on God, not on our understanding. In Joshua 5:13-15, Joshua met the captain of the host of the Lord and then worshiped Him. In combination with Moses at the burning bush, God walking in the garden with Adam, and even Enoch walking with God, God has had direct contact with men from the beginning. We were studying about Abraham and Melchisedec real close to the same time as we were covering Joshua 5 and are now working through the book of Hebrews. This study combines God's work, His interaction with man, and His grace for mankind. I believe without a doubt that Melchisedec was God in the flesh. 

Our son Jonathan and I have finished spring classes at the community college and we are gearing up for courses in the summer. Jonathan has already started a 5 week Geology course. He is a collector of many things, and among them he has a collection of rocks he has picked up during our deputation travels. He's an enthusiastic student. The college environment is new for Jonathan as he was homeschooled most of his years. We took our time with him and enjoyed the homeschool journey and he finished his H.S. courses at age 20. He is among the 'older students' now due to younger high school students taking dual credit. Jonathan is learning how to hold to his faith in God as Creator and Sustainer of life in an atmosphere where he is the minority. A guy like Jonathan is easy to spot as having conservative values and he is doing well in being 'salt and light' in a darkened world. Several students gravitated to him last semester as he was a dependable person to ask questions, to find out what was going on in the class, and in general, he could be counted on to be a friend. 

My father-in-law, John Ridings, is recovering from rotor cuff surgery on his left shoulder. The staples are due to come out Thursday, June 8. Trying to keep the pain under control and healing in general, is hard work. So far, the incision site looks good and he is on the mend. Please pray for complete healing. He has in-house physical therapy 3 times a week and a nurse comes by regularly to make sure there is no infection. 

→ We are continuing to pray for a National pastor to take over the work. 

In closing, Thank you to those who continue to support the work in Mexico. We appreciate so much your support and prayers! 

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